Why I like Lowrance fish finders


If you are planning to shop for a fish finder, then the place that first pops into your mind is Lowrance. Lowrance has been the undisputed leader in marine electronics for more than half a century. Lowrance has always been in the pursuit of new technology to give anglers the best experience in catching more fish.

Lowrance entered marine electronics with the invention of the consumer sonar device in the year 1957. After the invention of the little green box, Lowrance till date has been engaged in inventing newer devices to make an excellent fishing experience. Lowrance has more than 50 years of experience in helping anglers in finding fish and fish-catching structures and devices. The main aim of Lowrance is to produce high quality products at a reasonable price. Among many of its products, one of the best devices produced by them is the Lowrance fish finder.


My Lowrance fish finder gives me the ability to see real-time game fish and baitfish below or at the side of my kayak. It also indicates changes in the growth of weed and other plant structures in water. This under water display helps to understand the composition at the bottom, depth contours and the temperature of water at various depths and locations. All these features aid in locating the fish easily. It also helps me to study how the fish relates to its environment. This is exactly the reason why the sport fishing market has boomed to never before levels.


The Lowrance fish finder helps me to save and replay prior readings recorded on the GPS and sonar device. It also helps me to adjust the view displayed on the screen. It allows me to set depth alarms, GPS alarms, and adjust the solar sensitivity levels. It can be used in solitary creeks, offshore waters and in lakes. It indicates the presence of fish-holding structures like wrecks, rocks etc. Its interface controls are easy to use and consist of a keypad, zoom in and zoom out features, light, menu and enter buttons.

Lowrance keeps in mind the passion that anglers have towards fishing. Lowrance manufactures different types of fish finders to cater to different category of anglers limited by their budget constraints. The Lowrance fish finder is equipped with lots of features mentioned earlier. It is user friendly and gives you the optimum performance. Using the Lowrance fish finder, my fishing experience has become more enjoyable and productive.

Another excellent quality of Lowrance is that they provide good after sales service and support to their customers for their products. Regular software updates are provided to customers to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology.

Based on my experience, the Lowrance fish finder is the best fish finder tool available for a successful fishing experience in any kind of waters. If it is used correctly, it can make a huge difference in your ability to trace all varieties of fish in all types of water and in every type of structure and condition.