Finally found a truck tent for my Tacoma


Tacoma trucks were built for the outdoor enthusiast. These vehicles are designed to be tough, rugged and able to go over almost any terrain. They are also the perfect choice for anyone that likes to camp off of the “beaten path”. Now you can stay comfortable at night no matter where your Tacoma truck takes you with an attachable tent. Thanks to Tacoma’s reputation for off road durability and its popularity with consumers there are finally tents that are designed to fit any size and model of these trucks. This means that even if you are driving a full size Tacoma truck there is a tent that is designed just for your larger vehicle.

Napier has paid attention to Tacoma trucks’ popularity with consumers, especially those that love being outdoors and that is why they came up with the Backroadz 13890. This truck tent is affordably priced, and it will easily pay for itself when you consider the money you will save by not having to rent hotel rooms. Since it is designed to attach easily to the truck bed you also have the freedom of being able to spend the night in comfort almost anywhere.

Even if this is your first time camping in your truck bed you will still be able to easily set this tent up in just a few minutes. The fiberglass poles are easy to erect, and the rain fly simply attaches to the tent to ensure that you stay dry during rainy weather. You will appreciate the large windows that allow plenty of cooling air through, and also provide you with a spectacular view of the night time sky. The flaps can also be drawn down over the door and windows to provide you with plenty of privacy when you need it.

The floor is sewn in for easier set ups and maximum waterproof protection. It also provides you with the perfect surface for tossing down a couple of sleeping bags or air mattress so you can get a good night’s sleep. What is really surprising about the Backroadz 1389, considered one of the best tents for Tacoma, is the amount of headroom you have when it is fully erected on the back of your truck. Not only can you sleep comfortably, but this truck tent also makes it easy for you to move around inside.

Whether you are an experienced camper or just starting out with your Tacoma truck, it is nice to know that manufacturers are finally taking notice and designing tents made specifically for there durable off road vehicles.