How to charge your phone when camping?


If there’s one big downside to camping for us, modern, technologically dependent people, is that it doesn’t provide sufficient electric energy resources. It is true that modern equipped camping spots are also fitted with electrical generators, but that is not mandatory, and most tents won’t include facilities for you to be able to recharge your phone, iPod or other electronic devices. Especially in newly designed cell phones, that include a variety of applications and functions, the battery lasts for a shorter period of time, so you will have to learn to live without your phone for a day or two in the wilderness. Unless you are the lucky owner of an emergency hand-crank weather radio, in which case you will be provided with an extra source of energy to recharge your phone. As weather radios are equipped with hand-crank generators and sometimes mini-solar panels, they will be able to receive energy from other sources than conventional ones. To be able to recharge your phone, emergency radios are fitted with micro USB ports that are designed to recharge any type of cell phone.

Even so, don’t imagine all your problems are over. Charging a phone using a hand-crank generator ( read more here about this type of products) is not an easy task but, for those who are in urgent need, it will probably seem less difficult. To provide you with numbers, 1 minute of cranking can offer you 20 minutes of radio functioning, but that also depends on the radio you have. In phone battery, let us say, you will have to sweat to get your phone back to life for a couple of minutes, but you will get it done in the end. A good quality radio may provide you with 30 seconds battery life after 1 minute of cranking, but that can vary depending on many factors.