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If you are planning to shop for a fish finder, then the place that first pops into your mind is Lowrance. Lowrance has been the undisputed leader in marine electronics for more than half a century. Lowrance has always been in the pursuit of new technology to give anglers the best experience in catching more fish.

Lowrance entered marine electronics with the invention of the consumer sonar device in the year 1957. After the invention of the little green box, Lowrance till date has been engaged in inventing newer devices to make an excellent fishing experience. Lowrance has more than 50 years of experience in helping anglers in finding fish and fish-catching structures and devices. The main aim of Lowrance is to produce high quality products at a reasonable price. Among many of its products, one of the best devices produced by them is the Lowrance fish finder.


My Lowrance fish finder gives me the ability to see real-time game fish and baitfish below or at the side of my kayak. It also indicates changes in the growth of weed and other plant structures in water. This under water display helps to understand the composition at the bottom, depth contours and the temperature of water at various depths and locations. All these features aid in locating the fish easily. It also helps me to study how the fish relates to its environment. This is exactly the reason why the sport fishing market has boomed to never before levels.


The Lowrance fish finder helps me to save and replay prior readings recorded on the GPS and sonar device. It also helps me to adjust the view displayed on the screen. It allows me to set depth alarms, GPS alarms, and adjust the solar sensitivity levels. It can be used in solitary creeks, offshore waters and in lakes. It indicates the presence of fish-holding structures like wrecks, rocks etc. Its interface controls are easy to use and consist of a keypad, zoom in and zoom out features, light, menu and enter buttons.

Lowrance keeps in mind the passion that anglers have towards fishing. Lowrance manufactures different types of fish finders to cater to different category of anglers limited by their budget constraints. The Lowrance fish finder is equipped with lots of features mentioned earlier. It is user friendly and gives you the optimum performance. Using the Lowrance fish finder, my fishing experience has become more enjoyable and productive.

Another excellent quality of Lowrance is that they provide good after sales service and support to their customers for their products. Regular software updates are provided to customers to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology.

Based on my experience, the Lowrance fish finder is the best fish finder tool available for a successful fishing experience in any kind of waters. If it is used correctly, it can make a huge difference in your ability to trace all varieties of fish in all types of water and in every type of structure and condition.

After moving into my new house, one of my neighbors recommended the Hydromatic D-A1 to me. Before going into detail, I’d like to point out that the area I live in gets a lot of flooding during the spring because of the many rainstorms that occur on a regular basis. As such, I really had no other option aside from buying a sump pump. I started prospecting the market and came to the conclusion that I had to choose between a pedestal and a submersible unit. Eventually, I settled on the Hydromatic D-A1 because my neighbor had nothing but good things to say about its performance.

Why do I like this model? For one, it’s both a manual and an automatic sump pump, which gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to operating it. The product is more than capable of doing what it is supposed to do as it features an automatic operation that allows it to begin pumping water when it has reached a critical level. Actually, everything happens because of the water sensor in this unit. Secondly, what I love about the Hydromatic D-A1 is the fact that it has been constructed out of high-quality components. The entire body of the pump has been built out of cast iron, which basically means that it has no chance of becoming a victim of rust or corrosion. This is a critical feature to look for when deciding between one sump pump and the next as the product per se will be exposed to water all the time.

As for performance, I couldn’t be happier. While this option is not the most powerful alternative out there, I have no problem with the 0.3 horsepower motor as it is able to discharge up to 48 gallons per minute. That’s more than enough for what I had in mind considering that the Hydromatic D-A1 does the trick for the 38-ft lift I have it installed in.

If I were to recommend a sump pump to someone interested in getting one, I’d have no option other than talk about the one that I use. This is also the product the guys from All Sump Pumps recommend. In a nutshell, this product is the perfect dream for any homeowner, and that’s because of many reasons. For example, the sump pump is versatile and can be utilized under various circumstances, whether we’re talking about sewage services or home use. Besides, the unit is relatively easy to install, whether you’re tech-savvy or not. What this means is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on consulting the opinion of a specialist. Finally, what I feel compelled to note is that the Hydromatic D-A1 does a great job when it comes to handling solids as it can discharge items measuring ½ inches in diameter.

All in all, I believe that this alternative offers the best value for the price, especially as it costs less than two hundred dollars. It is pretty difficult to get such a good product for this price and even more so when it comes to ordering one that has garnered a myriad of favorable user reviews.


This is a dilemma that has troubled anglers from all over the world for too long. It is one of those issues that have been there from the beginning of time, and to which nobody has ever managed to give a proper answer that could satisfy all parties. Of course, it is obvious why nobody has managed to find the right solution to it: because there isn’t one.  You can use both of them, and the choice solely depends on your personal taste and experience.

The only two questions you should bear in mind when you go for one of the two main types of fishing equipment is: which one is the most suitable for the fishing conditions in which I find myself and which one do I handle with ease.

Most anglers will tell you that the baitcasting reel is the more versatile of the two, which is probably true, but it doesn’t mean you can’t very well land bass with a spinning reel. What differentiates them is the casting technique that is influenced by the setting of the reel and the way the spool moves when attached to the matching rod.

In a baitcasting rod, the reel attaches to the top, while in a spinning rod, it attaches to the bottom. However, this is not what makes the spinning rod easy to use and handle, but the spool. Baitcasting rods are equipped with spinning spools that help an angler cast. Spinning rods, on the other hand, are fitted with fixed spools that make casting a whole lot easier, because you will be dealing with tangled line a lot less, which is a commonly encountered problem for beginners using a baitcasting rod, and it is also quite difficult to solve on the spot.

The first category, the baitcasting rod, is typically used for larger lures and heavier lines. That is why, you can use this setup to land bigger fish species. However, this is not the case for bass, a medium-sized one. There are certain circumstances in which some specimens, essentially those belonging to the largemouth bass subcategory, can reach considerable sizes, thus weighing a lot and being hard to manage with a low-profile spinning rod, the typical gear used for medium-sized species.

Nevertheless, if you’re new to fishing, you might want to start your experience as an angler using a spinning rod that you will handle with less effort even if you don’t master the casting technique well. As you gather experience and become more and more skilled in mastering this fishing technique, you can give the baitcasting rod a try and decide which one of them best fits your fishing style.

Even so, remember that, regardless of the equipment you choose, you must always find a perfect balance between the rod and the reel so that you land a few fish.


If there’s one big downside to camping for us, modern, technologically dependent people, is that it doesn’t provide sufficient electric energy resources. It is true that modern equipped camping spots are also fitted with electrical generators, but that is not mandatory, and most tents won’t include facilities for you to be able to recharge your phone, iPod or other electronic devices. Especially in newly designed cell phones, that include a variety of applications and functions, the battery lasts for a shorter period of time, so you will have to learn to live without your phone for a day or two in the wilderness. Unless you are the lucky owner of an emergency hand-crank weather radio, in which case you will be provided with an extra source of energy to recharge your phone. As weather radios are equipped with hand-crank generators and sometimes mini-solar panels, they will be able to receive energy from other sources than conventional ones. To be able to recharge your phone, emergency radios are fitted with micro USB ports that are designed to recharge any type of cell phone.

Even so, don’t imagine all your problems are over. Charging a phone using a hand-crank generator ( read more here about this type of products) is not an easy task but, for those who are in urgent need, it will probably seem less difficult. To provide you with numbers, 1 minute of cranking can offer you 20 minutes of radio functioning, but that also depends on the radio you have. In phone battery, let us say, you will have to sweat to get your phone back to life for a couple of minutes, but you will get it done in the end. A good quality radio may provide you with 30 seconds battery life after 1 minute of cranking, but that can vary depending on many factors.