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Tacoma trucks were built for the outdoor enthusiast. These vehicles are designed to be tough, rugged and able to go over almost any terrain. They are also the perfect choice for anyone that likes to camp off of the “beaten path”. Now you can stay comfortable at night no matter where your Tacoma truck takes you with an attachable tent. Thanks to Tacoma’s reputation for off road durability and its popularity with consumers there are finally tents that are designed to fit any size and model of these trucks. This means that even if you are driving a full size Tacoma truck there is a tent that is designed just for your larger vehicle.

Napier has paid attention to Tacoma trucks’ popularity with consumers, especially those that love being outdoors and that is why they came up with the Backroadz 13890. This truck tent is affordably priced, and it will easily pay for itself when you consider the money you will save by not having to rent hotel rooms. Since it is designed to attach easily to the truck bed you also have the freedom of being able to spend the night in comfort almost anywhere.

Even if this is your first time camping in your truck bed you will still be able to easily set this tent up in just a few minutes. The fiberglass poles are easy to erect, and the rain fly simply attaches to the tent to ensure that you stay dry during rainy weather. You will appreciate the large windows that allow plenty of cooling air through, and also provide you with a spectacular view of the night time sky. The flaps can also be drawn down over the door and windows to provide you with plenty of privacy when you need it.

The floor is sewn in for easier set ups and maximum waterproof protection. It also provides you with the perfect surface for tossing down a couple of sleeping bags or air mattress so you can get a good night’s sleep. What is really surprising about the Backroadz 1389, considered one of the best tents for Tacoma, is the amount of headroom you have when it is fully erected on the back of your truck. Not only can you sleep comfortably, but this truck tent also makes it easy for you to move around inside.

Whether you are an experienced camper or just starting out with your Tacoma truck, it is nice to know that manufacturers are finally taking notice and designing tents made specifically for there durable off road vehicles.

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If you are packing and preparing for an RV camping trip, always remember that space is important and you must plan accordingly. There are items that families consider to be necessary for traveling such as your RV GPS Units but RV camping vacation is different because certain things must be left behind for your own comfort.Over-packing your RV with the unimportant and excessive items is considered a big problem.

It is never a great idea to over-pack the RV with unnecessary items and overload it. Overloading will slow down your excursion and limits your movement inside the RV too. While going on a trip, you can leave the following items at home.

  • Leave your luxurious cooking items and gourmet food preparation gear at home when you are loading your RV. Bulky and heavy components are not important in your trip. Your main concern must be how to get clean water to wash the dishes and how to clean yourself up. You also have to avoid bringing pointed appliances.
  • Instead of stocking the cabinets and fridge of the RV with foods, why don’t you plan out each individual meal that your party will consume throughout the duration of your trip? It is true that canned food is an advantage, but buying too many of them can be very expensive.
  • RV campers should prefer to leave the bundle of firewood at home because it is one of the biggest space hangers on a camping trip. Wood is very affordable and you can find it on the way along the roadside. Estimate your needs in terms of a campfire.
  • You have to avoid extra components attached behind your RV. This will reduce the aerodynamic efficiency of the RV and increase the travel time.
  • Leave your work laptop at home along with the other not so important work-related gadgets that you will not be able to use when you are on an RV camping trip. Bringing your laptop while on an RV trip with your family is not a good idea. Leave your work at home and enjoy the company of your family and friends. It will more devastating if you lose your laptop or get it damaged on the way.
  • Sometimes you cannot say no to a talkative friend or grumpy relative, to travel along with you. But it is you, who have to decide whether you want to make your weekend a memorable one or not.

Plantar fasciitis is a commonly encountered medical problem. It is what causes heel pain and it occurs when you put a strain on your plantar fascia, a tissue connecting your heel to your toes. It usually affects people walking long distances, who work out a lot, athletes or people who have weight problems. It usually manifests when you take your first steps after a long while sitting. When the foot gets into its normal rhythm, pain wears off, but it may reappear when your feet sustain prolonged effort or, on the contrary, you sit still for longer periods of time.

Generally speaking, people suffering from plantar fasciitis are not in any danger, but left untreated, this small problem can develop into chronic heel pain and generate dysfunctions in other parts of your leg like your knee or hip. However, there are a few therapies and medication that can help you overcome this problem. But, improving your lifestyle and the way you take care of your feet is crucial so that these treatments are effective. There are a few things you can do or avoid to improve the general well-being of your feet: you should never walk barefoot on hard surfaces, wear shoes with good arch-support, avoid high-heels and try massaging your foot gently to keep your feet relaxed.

For a great massage, there are plenty of foot spa massagers dedicated for plantar fasciitis you can easily use at home. The great part about these is that they do not only offer you a relaxing massage, but also relax your feet in warm water that can include various ingredients to relieve heel pain. Foot spa massagers won’t solve your medical problem, therefore it is necessary that you visit a podiatrist that can offer you the best advice and treatment for your case, but they most definitely are successful in alleviating pain after a long, stressful day.

You may know that most foot spa kits usually include one or several types of massage.Though the large majority is fitted with massaging nodes on the item’s floor, more complex products include rolling massage devices, vibration massage, oxygen bubble massage or water jet massage. If you have a simple product, you can just put warm water in it, soak your legs, and you will immediately feel the calming effects of the warm water. It is a well-known fact that  massage has great effects on your general state of mind and that it can alleviate foot pain. The various massage techniques act on key points on your soles that help reduce tension in your muscles and tissues and, thus, reduce pain. Once you are pain free you will definitely be able to enjoy a peaceful night sleep or savor the time spent with friends and family at its fullest.

Last but not least, there is little or no harm in helping your feet this way even more than once a day if you feel the need. In the water you can add your favorite bath lotion, essential oils and other spa ingredients that you can find in many stores, and create a pampering mix for your sore feet.

Let’s face it; no one likes getting a ticket when hurrying somewhere. Although it is commendable to watch the speed limit, there are some situations when you really have to push the pedal to the metal a little. I was in such a situation just the other day, and when the cop pulled me over, I really thought that I was going to get a ticket this time around. I am usually a law abiding citizen and I do not speed unless I really have to, but sometimes, just like the next fellow, I have to hurry a little.

The cop who pulled me over was, to my relief, a really nice guy. We all know how it is up to the cop who comes by your car window whether you will get a ticket or just a warning. In my case, it was the latter, and I was really thankful for it. I always try my best to answer all the questions correctly and have all the papers in order, and I also keep my car clean. All these scored points over time in my favor, and I managed to wiggle my way out of a speeding ticket one too many times.

So, since I may start to think that I may not be so lucky the next time, I am decided to get myself one of those radar detectors that everyone talks about. Of course, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when I am thinking about getting one such gadget. For once, it is the pricing, since I’ve heard that a good unit can fetch up to six hundreds, which, in my opinion, is quite steep! Still, if you are the kind of driver who speeds up a lot, you may be able to repay your investment within a short time.

I’ve read through some reviews and I noticed that some radar detectors come with app compatibility, so you can track their activity directly from your smartphone. Personally, I think this feature comes in handy, because it is quite common in this day and age to use your mobile phone for all kinds of things. Why wouldn’t avoidance of speeding tickets be among them?

I prefer getting a unit that is easy to setup, since I am really not that great with gadgets. Next, I will have to check the legislation in the states I intend to travel, to see if I am not going to break the law by having a radar detector installed in my car. Since some states have some tough legislation on the issue, I really do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law. So, no matter how nice the last traffic cop I’ve met was, I do not plan on tempting fate again. I will just get myself a radar detector, and I won’t have to worry about speeding tickets ever again.



Nutritious, portable and easy to enjoy, yogurt drinks are also generally ,low in calories. Drinking yogurt everyday makes plenty of sense, since you can enjoy different flavors while on the go. Thanks to the rising popularity of probiotic foods that promote healthy living and eating, even yogurt makers have started to sell briskly so people can cook their own yogurt that they can turn into wholesome smoothies and other drinks that can be enjoyed on the go. Yogurt is fantastic for lowering cholesterol levels and has high Omega 3 benefits. It increases the bioavailability of nutrients so we can make the most of the nutritious foods we eat.

Offering the perfect balance of taste, convenience and nutrition, yogurt drinks play a unique functionality for health-conscious individuals. Unlike milk, yogurt drinks are perfect for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. It does not present the ill effects of milk since the lactose that serves as the milk precursor is already pre-converted to lactic acid thanks to the bacterial culture in making yogurts. Drinking yogurt ensures that you can get enough potassium, calcium, b vitamins such as B12, as well as protein. Drinking yogurt can also enhance the immune system and provides a great source of iodine while enabling you to digest lactose in dairy products.

With yogurt drinks, a variety of gastrointestinal conditions can be resolved. Yogurt also prevents diarrhea associated with the taking of antibiotics. It promotes healthy gums thanks to the calcium content plus the probiotic effects of the lactic acid in it. The lactic acid in yogurt is an easily viable medium that maximizes the absorption of calcium. With just an 8-ounce serving of yogurt, you get 400 mg calcium, or 25 percent more calcium than a full glass of milk.

If you’ve have a hard time losing belly fat, yogurt has enough calcium that blocks the generation of cortisol, a hormone that promotes the production of adipose fat in the tummy. Get fitter, flatter abs by drinking adequate amounts of yogurt every day.

How to drink your yogurt? You can blend together some strawberries, banana, yogurt and ice cubes in a blender. Process the mixture to a smooth consistency. Pour into glasses and garnish with a strawberry for a healthy yogurt drink. You can easily substitute your choice of sliced fruit in their recipe so you can really drink your yogurt when you want to.



I really want to enjoy simple and fresh ingredients in the food I eat. This becomes even more imperative because of various diseases and illnesses that arise from eating foods high in preservatives, additives and other elements including the pesticides and chemicals used during their processing and growth. Visiting a farmers’ market always yields fantastic buys on ingredients. Since I love quesadillas and other authentic Mexican food, I enjoy optimizing the fresh ingredients I find at such sources so I can make fantastic appetizers as well as a quick but healthy meal. Not everything instant is unhealthy, and thanks to vegetarian quesadilla recipes like this one I am about to describe, it is never too late to start eating healthy. This recipe makes quesadillas best served with sour cream, my favorite salsa or guacamole.



This fantastic vegetarian quesadilla needs some chopped zucchini, chopped red bell pepper, some chopped yellow squash, chopped red onion, chopped mushrooms, a little olive oil, some cooking spray, whole wheat tortillas, as well as some shredded sharp and reduced-fat Cheddar cheese. It will take about fifteen minutes to assemble the necessary ingredients, and it just needs about 15 minutes to cook the quesadillas. With the quesadillas ready in just half an hour, you can certainly make the most of a premium quality quesadilla maker.


Simply add some olive oil to a large nonstick pan and when heated, add to the oil the red pepper, zucchini, onion, yellow squash and mushrooms. Cook the ingredients using medium to medium high heat for around seven minutes or till the veggies are just tender. Extract the vegetables from the pan and set aside.

Preheat the quesadilla maker and apply some spray-on fat to its cooking surface. Lay a tortilla on the surface and sprinkle some cheese on it. Layer a bit of the cooked vegetable mixture over the cheese, then put some more cheese on the veggies before topping with a second tortilla. Close the lid of the quesadilla maker, gently pushing down to seal the quesadilla edges. Average cooking time to get a golden brown, crispy quesadilla is about four to eight minutes, depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Most quesadilla makers create grooves or cuts on the cooked quesadilla so you can just pull the slices apart or use a knife to separate them. Best served hot, this vegetarian quesadilla can be accompanied by sour cream and your choice of garnishes. If you have leftover quesadillas, just wrap them in aluminum foil to keep them moist and place in the fridge. Reheat them in the oven before eating them the next day.