A Little Story about the Nicest Cop I’ve Ever Met

Let’s face it; no one likes getting a ticket when hurrying somewhere. Although it is commendable to watch the speed limit, there are some situations when you really have to push the pedal to the metal a little. I was in such a situation just the other day, and when the cop pulled me over, I really thought that I was going to get a ticket this time around. I am usually a law abiding citizen and I do not speed unless I really have to, but sometimes, just like the next fellow, I have to hurry a little.

The cop who pulled me over was, to my relief, a really nice guy. We all know how it is up to the cop who comes by your car window whether you will get a ticket or just a warning. In my case, it was the latter, and I was really thankful for it. I always try my best to answer all the questions correctly and have all the papers in order, and I also keep my car clean. All these scored points over time in my favor, and I managed to wiggle my way out of a speeding ticket one too many times.

So, since I may start to think that I may not be so lucky the next time, I am decided to get myself one of those radar detectors that everyone talks about. Of course, there are quite a few things to keep in mind when I am thinking about getting one such gadget. For once, it is the pricing, since I’ve heard that a good unit can fetch up to six hundreds, which, in my opinion, is quite steep! Still, if you are the kind of driver who speeds up a lot, you may be able to repay your investment within a short time.

I’ve read through some reviews and I noticed that some radar detectors come with app compatibility, so you can track their activity directly from your smartphone. Personally, I think this feature comes in handy, because it is quite common in this day and age to use your mobile phone for all kinds of things. Why wouldn’t avoidance of speeding tickets be among them?

I prefer getting a unit that is easy to setup, since I am really not that great with gadgets. Next, I will have to check the legislation in the states I intend to travel, to see if I am not going to break the law by having a radar detector installed in my car. Since some states have some tough legislation on the issue, I really do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law. So, no matter how nice the last traffic cop I’ve met was, I do not plan on tempting fate again. I will just get myself a radar detector, and I won’t have to worry about speeding tickets ever again.